Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I lost my pattern of once-a-week posts as I was horrendously ill with the black death flu a few weeks ago, and then English coursework took over my life. However, I have recovered and handed in my essay, so things should be back to normal.


Julia tagged me! Let's go!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

"Buan: The Perfect Mortals" by Reece Bridger

A few weeks ago, a floppy haired boy with a fading red streak joined my Writer's Group wearing a dragon necklace and a long fake-leather coat, brandishing a laptop and a lot of ambition.

Reece Bridger is set to self-publish his debut novel "Buan: The Perfect Mortals" 3rd week in April, so I thought I'd let you lot know.

He's a very lovely guy, friendly, hard working, creative and extremely talented, so I was happy to be his unofficial editor, and help out by going through his novel, adding suggestions and a few corrections.

It's an excellent book, full of imagination and humour, beauty and emotion. The Perfect Mortals is the first of the Buan Trilogy, a fantasy story following the troubled Harmon siblings, for whom danger is never too far away. Something evil is threatening peace with brutality and devastation. The siblings have been chosen by the Goddess herself, and now - all depends on them.

Prepare to lose yourself to this world

eBook on Amazon. Paper copies for us printed tree-pulp lovers out soon

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