Sunday, 2 October 2016

Writing Update #19

Remember when I said in the last writing update that everything's settled down?

lol no.

  • I've been working with TenEighty a lot - I've been with them for nine months now and I finally met the team in real life in August at Summer in the City (they're really lovely people!). I was a panel reporter at the YouTube convention and had such a good time. I talked more about it here. I was moved from news to Pulse, which produces lighthearted and fun articles. Soon, I'll be off to features which involves writing longer, more investigative think pieces - really looking forward to that.
  • My short story for the Dragonfly Tea competition got shortlisted! We've been invited to the Henley Literary Festival where they'll announce the winners there. Super happy about that, really looking forward to the day!
Real Life and Other Nonsense
  • I was part of a 72-hour gaming livestream for charity, helping to live-tweet the event and assist with the publicity side of things. We were raising money for Special Effect, a charity that aims to help people with physical disabilities play video games by providing technology ranging from modified joypads to eye-control, bringing families and friends together. We ended up raising £2700 which is incredible - big well done to the team and thank you to everyone who donated, watched and shared the livestream!
  • I have been job hunting, or trying to, and it's not easy. Urgh. 

A few months ago at a BedBoat magazine evening, Sam aka Samantics got on stage and began to perform. He uses a loop pedal, and made a track live with his voice, beatboxing, guitar and ukulele. Then, he sung and rapped over the top.


Check out my video for a little snippet - he's so good, definitely check him out!

I'm going to try and make these updates at the end of every month, rather than fortnightly as I think that's more manageable and I'll have more to talk about. Hope you're all well, have a good day!