Sunday, 24 February 2013

University of Exeter

It's so nice I want to cry!!!

After nearly missing our train (and we had mandatory times) due to me getting the platform wrong, my big brother and I took a 2 and a half hour train journey down to the University of Exeter. I'd heard a lot of praise for this university, so I had high expectations.

And it is absolutely amazing. They weren't kidding about the hills though.

I didn't take a lot of good photos cos I was embarrassed to have a prospectus under one arm and point my phone around, but here they are:

The Forum/Library
They've spent over £350 million in investment in facilities (nice to know the "slight" increases in student fees are being used well)

On the staircase in The Forum. The floor was so shiny I kept wanting to do knee slides

Monday, 18 February 2013

Hey Julia! Here's Some of My Favourite Blogs!

This is for my dear friend Julia ( this is her blog ) who is not fully aware of all the awesome and pretty blogs out there.

I'm also doing this post for myself, to help me rediscover my love of blogs. All the links open up to a new window when clicked, to make it easier for you ;)


  • thestylerookie Tavi Gevinson is literally one of my idols. This got me interested in blogging, feminism and so many more things. She's also editor in chief of  the awesome rookiemag which has been one of the best positive influences in my life. And she's about 17

I Like Valentine's Day. Please Don't Kill Me

"I don't know who Valentine was, but I hope he died alone surrounded by couples."
That's the lovely Miranda Hart expressing her hatred of Valentines Day/Single Awareness Day/Everyone-Is Freaking-Bitter-Day.

So why is 14th February so hated?

Is it the commercialism? The endless shower of red hearts and roses? Too much pink? The sickening teddy bears growling "I WUV YOU"? Realising how creepy Cupid looks? Being unable to hate it without people saying you're just jealous 'cos you're single? Are you blasting out "Die Hard" from your TV to cancel out the neighbour's "Love Actually"?

Lighten up guys!

Saturday, 16 February 2013


Resolutions for Blogging

  1. I will no longer delete my blog three months after starting it
  2. I will share my blog with friends
  3. I will post once a week for four months
  4. I will comment on other blogs 'cos that's friendly
  5. I will not have a "theme" to my posts - I will just write
  6. I will stop trying to take blogging seriously, and just make it fun for me
  7. I will learn how to use all the gizmos like posting photos and videos etc and try to get rid of the "technophobic writer" stereotype I am fulfilling
So hi there! How are y'all?