Monday, 18 February 2013

I Like Valentine's Day. Please Don't Kill Me

"I don't know who Valentine was, but I hope he died alone surrounded by couples."
That's the lovely Miranda Hart expressing her hatred of Valentines Day/Single Awareness Day/Everyone-Is Freaking-Bitter-Day.

So why is 14th February so hated?

Is it the commercialism? The endless shower of red hearts and roses? Too much pink? The sickening teddy bears growling "I WUV YOU"? Realising how creepy Cupid looks? Being unable to hate it without people saying you're just jealous 'cos you're single? Are you blasting out "Die Hard" from your TV to cancel out the neighbour's "Love Actually"?

Lighten up guys!

Anti-Valentine VS Valentine

  • Why wait till Valentine's to say you love someone?
The poor people I'm close to know that I regularly (and soberly) tell them I love them. But it's just a day to be all silly and mushy and over the top, and just fun

  • Urgh couples make out in public and I want to throw up

Just don't look! But come on, let them have this day. The day after? *brandishes water pistols*

  • Only people in relationships can celebrate it

Nothing will stop me baking these heart shaped shortbread in honour of the day

Now I'm going to hand these out to miserable people and eat a few myself. But as for you - you can stare at the photo :P


  1. I like valentines day as well. Granted some aspects of the holiday can be irritating but I generally find it a bit of fun :) It also gives the excuse for friends to go out and have fun too!