Sunday, 15 February 2015

Writing Update #7

I am getting terrible at these. Life has been truly hectic, so apologies for the lateness. I should be able to get back into the rhythm of posting these once every two weeks.


  • Been going to the university's spoken word poetry society, which has been really inspiring. We just get together, talk about and share poetry. It's so wonderful being in an environment where you're free to - and encouraged to - get really excited about Samuel Taylor Coleridge, discuss Sylvia Plath and recite Maya Angelou. 
  • I also went to the Islamic Society's annual poetry night which was also immensely inspiring. Mohamed 'Mo Rhymes' (former President of the society) closed the show, and his writing is truly beautiful. He means every word he says, and wants us to hear and connect with his poetry. 
  • Beauty column is going well, plenty of ideas and I've been enjoying writing them. Here's my latest post.

  • I am obsessed with this playlist from the magnificent Rookiemag. I just love how every song matched the theme perfectly.

Real Life and Other Nonsense

  • Essays Essays Essays Essays Essays Essays Essays Essays Essays Essays Essays 
  • Modelled for the very first time for Razz Magazine  which was so much fun. It was freezing cold, we were shivering and had to look modelly, but everyone was so lovely and worked well together. I'll talk more about it when the issue comes out in early/mid March.
  • I've been learning French on Duolingo . It's a language I've always wanted to learn, and I picked it up quickly in Year 7 - 9, but had to drop it in order to do my Chinese GCSE. My accent is quite bad - I sound like I'm gargling cotton wool, but it's a lot of fun!
Hope you're all having a lovely day! 

Friday, 13 February 2015

365 Photo Challenge Week 5 (Feb)

Lot of late nights this week. Click to enlarge photos.

4 Feb - Taking the time to look at sunsets.
5 Feb - Playing with camera modes - 'Night' captures the lights wonderfully.
6 Feb - Really inspiring poetry night hosted by the Islamic Society. My friend said "I want to go home and write angry sh--".
7 Feb - Writing another makeup column - Valentine's themed this time.
8 Feb - The local pub is a wonderful, wonderful place.
9 Feb - Watched the mist come closer and closer from the hills as night fell.
10 Feb - Early morning starts.

365 Photo Challenge: Week 4 (Jan/Feb)

As usual, click the picture to enlarge!

29 Jan - Very productive day with some tea in a reusable mug.
30 Jan - A gift of teas and a teapot (I've been using both every day).
31 Jan - This was taken at 2am, so it technically falls into the 31st! Amazing night, more details here.
1 Feb - Recovered from the previous night with some nice pub food.
2 Feb - Back to reality (and essays)
3 Feb - Playing with colour saturation. Primary colours are much stronger. And yes, that is a fantastic poster with Friends quotes.