Saturday, 16 April 2016

Writing Update #17

VERY quick post as I haven't written in ages. End of degree is coming. There is a lot of fear in our souls. I'm working on my dissertation and a big essay - they're like big brick walls I have to break through because I hear there's light on the other side. So here's some stuff I've been up to since the last post:


  • A poem and short story has been accepted for BedBoat magazine, either they'll both be in the upcoming issue or split between Issue 3 and 4.
  • I wrote a poem title 'The Sky People' and I want to make a video to go along with the video and have animation but all my friends are in the same boat as me and finishing up our degrees. Will keep you all posted.
  • New radio play I was working on has unfortunately been cancelled due to being too busy with everything. 

Other Projects

  • I won the Paddon Award again (second year running) - which was uber amazing. I made a short film this year.
  • YouTube channel is going well but sadly I can't spend much time making videos right now.
  • Started a podcast with my younger sister. We've called it 'The Lemon Water Podcast'. It's still very rough as we're starting out but it's fun.

Ok that's all I have time for! Bye!