Sunday, 29 November 2015

Writing Update #15

Uni work piled up and my writing has been slow but here we go:

  • I've been going to quite a lot of theatre shows to review them for The Reviews Hub. I went to see Ensuite (a coming of age one man show), an opera The Tales of Hoffmann, and Simon Armitage's new play Odyssey: Missing Presumed Dead. All really good shows, writing reviews is a tough challenge especially when it gets to about 1am but it's worth it!
  • Going to write a play script for the first time - I'm trying to write as many formats as possible. So far I've done poetry, short stories, had a go at a novel, scripts for screen and radio - now it's theatre. Starting was scary as I have no experience with playwriting and since I review shows, it would be really hypocritical if I wrote something abysmal. After some flapping about with nerves, I just dived in and started. The best way to learn is to do it. 

  • I went to see Frank Turner at Bristol and it was one of the greatest gigs I have ever been to. Frank Turner is folk-punk and he writes the most beautifully honest songs with incredible storytelling lyrics. Also, this was show 1791 for him - the man REALLY knows how to play a gig. 

The Reviews Hub: 'The Odyssey: Missing Presumed Dead' - Exeter Northcott (25 Nov 2015)

This review was originally written for The Reviews Hub

Writer: Simon Armitage
Director: Nick Bagnall
Reviewer: Christy Ku
“Grief for the missing is worse than the grief for the dead.”
A high-ranking government minister is sent abroad to Istanbul as a representative on a diplomatic mission. Smith is a man who has already missed too many birthdays and hospital visits, been too absent from home, when a bar room brawl makes him Europe’s most wanted man overnight. On the run from higher powers, he begins his odyssey.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Kukadoodles Visiting Cakeadoodledo

Not going to lie, I was interested in Cakeadoodledo mainly because it sounds so similar to my internet name. Also, I'd been hearing really good things about this little cafe so I roped in my friend Nickie for a coffee date.

It's roughly two seconds away from Exeter Cathedral, and it's a tiny place. There's only about five tables but it manages to be cosy rather than claustrophobic, with a light and airy feel. It also has a lovely garden with more seating. They sell their books, aprons, jars of jam and kitchenware in the shop as well, and it's nice to peruse the stock whilst you're waiting for your food.

Monday, 23 November 2015

The Reviews Hub: 'The Tales of Hoffmann' - Exeter Northcott Theatre (19 Nov 2015)

This review was originally written for The Reviews Hub

Composer: Jacques Offenbach
English Version: Jeff Clarke
Director: James Bonas
Conductor: Philip Sunderland
Reviewer: Christy Ku
Based on E T A Hoffman’s dark and twisted short stories The Sandman, Councillor Crespel and The Adventures of New Year’s Eve, the English Touring Opera brings its version of Jacques Offenbach’s operatic adaptation to the Northcott. The character Hoffman (Sam Furness) sits in a tavern in an alcoholic stupor, surrounded by drunken friends. He recounts his three former lovers and how each romance came to its doomed end.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

The Reviews Hub: 'Ensuite' - The Bike Shed (4 Nov 2015)

This review was originally written for The Reviews Hub

Writer: Hugh McCann
Director: Tom Nicholas 
Reviewer: Christy Ku
Ensuite is Hugh McCann’s debut play, a coming of age story about his brief time at university as he tries and ultimately fails to become his ideal of an ‘Art Student’.
It’s immensely funny with an edge of the surreal to it. The set has about 26 swimming noodles suspended from the ceiling, through which McCann weaves in and out to tell his story. He begins the play with a relatable awkward enthusiasm for university life, leading the audience on his drug-filled journey through art lectures, bizarre parties with Bj√∂rk and hiding in his ensuite bathroom smoking until he drops out.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Writing Update #14

Make yourself a big cup of tea - there's been a lot of things happening!

  • I mentioned the sci-fi radio play in the last post - it's been made! Over the last month we (myself and the head of scripted) cast and recorded the play. I directed and edited, the first time I've done both and learnt a lot. It's so amazing following the process of your writing come to life - the words on the pages have voices and expressions, you layer sounds and make last minute edits and it's alive! It's alive!
Click the image to hear the play!