Friday, 27 November 2015

Kukadoodles Visiting Cakeadoodledo

Not going to lie, I was interested in Cakeadoodledo mainly because it sounds so similar to my internet name. Also, I'd been hearing really good things about this little cafe so I roped in my friend Nickie for a coffee date.

It's roughly two seconds away from Exeter Cathedral, and it's a tiny place. There's only about five tables but it manages to be cosy rather than claustrophobic, with a light and airy feel. It also has a lovely garden with more seating. They sell their books, aprons, jars of jam and kitchenware in the shop as well, and it's nice to peruse the stock whilst you're waiting for your food.

We were greeted with a BIG variety of cakes and baked goods, and more was coming out of the ovens from the open kitchen. Nickie had an americano, I had a green tea from a cute teapot and we shared a slice of chocolate cake (I say shared. I ate most of it - Nickie isn't that into cake. Madness).

Cakes. Cakes. Cakes.
It was a fair sized brick of a serving and really good. Moist with cream layers and topped with chocolate frosting, shavings and Malteasers, it was decadent without getting too sickly. I think the cream had a slight minty kick to it -  it might have been my imagination or an accident but it was nice and added a light refreshing touch.

My tea was a simple broken leaf green tea. I would have liked it if it was easier to take out the infuser and put it somewhere as green tea is really delicate but I'm just that kind of tea person! Nickie says her americano was "a dream. A caffeine-fuelled dream".

The pricing is pretty good for such a small business - Nickie's drink was £1.80, my tea was about £1.60 and the cake was about £2.80 (not the exact prices, I'm trying to remember. Do correct me if I'm wrong).

Cakeadoodledo has a lovely friendly atmosphere, great food and drinks and I think it might be one of my new favourite places in Exeter.

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