Sunday, 1 November 2015

Writing Update #14

Make yourself a big cup of tea - there's been a lot of things happening!

  • I mentioned the sci-fi radio play in the last post - it's been made! Over the last month we (myself and the head of scripted) cast and recorded the play. I directed and edited, the first time I've done both and learnt a lot. It's so amazing following the process of your writing come to life - the words on the pages have voices and expressions, you layer sounds and make last minute edits and it's alive! It's alive!
Click the image to hear the play!

  • The script I wrote for screen (set in the future where clean air is a commodity) is in the final stages of being made. I formed a great team from the TV station members, we held auditions and got awesome actors. Again, it was really amazing to have people working on bringing the script to life, figuring out how the direction, lighting, cameras etc
Behind the scenes! Looks so professional
  • I performed at a 'Women of Colour Poetry Night' which was a lot of fun and amazing being surrounded by so many talented girls. If you want to see what I performed, check out my vimeo. Also met Siana Bangura, a spoken word performer, writer and editor - she's incredible, wonderful and super lovely! I did a piece on racism ('Bystander') and another on mental health ('Let's Talk'). Two of my big influences Baroness Floella Benjamin and Toussaint Morrison retweeted and wrote nice things, which warmed my little heart.
  • The Public Reviews has been renamed The Reviews Hub. Genuinely really love writing for them - overnight reviews aren't very hard any more and it's great seeing so many shows. 

  • I was on the cloakroom for Catfish and the Bottlemen's first gig for their UK tour. I watched them warm up and saw most of their set - really good live. They're an indie-rock band and are receiving a lot of support from BBC Radio 1. This is 'Kathleen', my favourite song from them:

Cloakroom selfie from my twitter
  • Also been listening to a LOT of Troye Sivan - he's a South African youtuber and musician who lives in Australia. His latest EP Wild is SO GOOD, it's ear candy. It's a bit hard to pin down a genre for it, I'd say it's electronic pop? 'Bite' is my favourite track

Real Life and Other Nonsense
  • Uni is uni. Essays, meetings, dissertation prep, reading reading reading.
  • I edit Razz Magazine which is super challenging but I'm gaining so much experience.
  • I saw Dan and Phil on tour - it's such a good show. I was seriously considering going to see it again in London but I have two deadlines in the same week so I can't go. 
  • I am on YouTube! I have one video and keep meaning to finish this other video idea. 
That's enough for now - I hope you're all doing fabulously and see you soon!

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