Thursday, 24 October 2013

My Body Shop Shopping

There was an offer on at The Body Shop (spend £40, save £20), so a buddy and I popped down to grab some long coveted stuff:

(Clockwise, starting with the shampoo: 1 - anti-dandruff ginger shampoo, 2 - tea tree skin clearing foaming cleanser, 3 - eyelash curler, 4 - lip and cheek stain, rose pink)

We got £42 worth of products between us, they took of £20 and we split the cost evenly. So all this was £11 for me. HOW AWESOME IS THAT??? I mean, the lip and cheek tint alone is £10!

So, any good?
1 - shampoo) I've been using this shampoo for a few months and love it (hence buying another one to stock up). Smells wonderful and really does help with dandruff issues. Lasts for quite a while - I'm still only half-way through my current bottle.

2 - face wash) Gorgeous smell, refreshing and gentle. I remember using my big sister's a while ago and it helped with my blackheads, so hopefully it'll work this time.

3 - eyelash curlers) I have never used one of these in my life, so I can't give an accurate review. When I first saw someone use it in the girl's toilets at school, I was freaked out. I mean, what is this contraption of death doing near your eyes???

4 - lip and cheek tint) A bit disappointing to be honest - might have been due to my high expectations of this product. Quite watery and  difficult to apply, which was especially annoying as the brush was a lip-gloss style one. The colour is nice - a good strong pinky-red, building in intensity as it dries.Once dried (takes a few minutes) it does stay - didn't come off on my cup when I was having a drink, nor when I rubbed at my lips. However, it's not waterproof - when testing out the face wash, it came off.
        As a blusher; a little bit goes a long, long way. Seriously, I put 2 dots on a cheekbone and rubbed it - colour is straight on.

Verdict? I've always loved The Body Shop, especially for its ethics (cruelty-free, vegetarian, fair trade and all that good stuff). Their skin care, bath & body care and fragrances are pretty great, but their make-up isn't living up to the standard, and there isn't a huge range. Overall - everything's pretty great for the price I got it at, but wouldn't be quite so happy with it all if I paid full price (pretty pricey stuff), especially the lip tint.

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