Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Exeposé Books - Condensed Classics: 'Fahrenheit 451', Ray Bradbury

Originally published on Exeposé Online, 8 March 2014. Click the image to read the full article.
Published in 1953, Ray Bradbury’s dystopian novel continues to unsettle and intrigue successive generations of readers…
“Forget them. Burn all, burn everything. Fire is bright and fire is clean.”
This short novella is Ray Bradbury’s influential masterpiece, continuing to inspire and challenge censorship to this day.
The story follows Montag, who lives in a society where books are banned. His job as a fireman is to burn them and the offenders’ houses. Content with his life, he meets his new young neighbour, a mysterious girl called Clarisse. Her unconventional way of thinking slowly awakens Montag to the reality of his life; a world of self-destructive behaviour, mass-produced distractions prevent individual thought, and his marriage – cold and loveless with a woman who has become a stranger. Slowly, with the help of a former university professor, he discovers the power of books – but there are no places for free thinkers. Soon, he becomes an outcast and finds himself on the run from the sinister and lethal mechanical Hound.
Thought-provoking and brilliant, Fahrenheit 451 is a timeless literary treasure.

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