Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Writing Update #18

Everything's settled down a little bit, so I'll try and get back into the swing of blogging! I've started making these writing updates in a video format - I'll still make a blog post but the written format will be more of a summary whilst the video will go into more detail about everything.

Writing Update

  • One of poems has been published! I'm in BedBoat magazine, a gorgeous new indie lifestyle publications. It's a gorgeous magazine run by lovely people, I'm so happy I get to be part of it!
  • I've also got a short story in Exetera magazine - it's about virtual reality. It follows a court case where a woman has destroyed several avatars and is on trial for mass digital murder - cheery stuff, I know! I'm on page 30.
  • I reviewed American Idiot the Musical recently - fantastic show! If you love Green Day, go go go. 


  • I met the lovely Sadie Horler who has a new EP out! She's a singer-song writer who does folk music, super talented - check out her music here. 

Real Life and Other Nonsense

  • I've moved out of uni, and have graduated which is weird and scary stuff.

That's enough about me, how are you all?

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