Wednesday, 24 April 2013


"Buan: The Perfect Mortals" by Reece Bridger is OUT NOW!!!

It's so pretty! Hats off to Patrick Kerkhof for the design.

Mr Reece Bridger has been happily dragging a rolly-suitcase stuffed full with copies of his book (I hope) around college wearing his standard black waistcoat and dragon necklace, with a renewed pink red streak in his hair.

He's been distributing books, hugs and thanks for the last few days. And I got a signed copy! :D  Here it is, balancing on Martin the laptop.

We had a discussion on which type of pen is best for signatures - felt tips (thicker line, but leaks through the page) or roller-balls (thinner line, but no leaking). I chose "roller-blade". Of course.

It's a great read, full of drama and action, heroism and magic, mystery and intrigue. For the short review I wrote a few weeks ago, here's a link!

eBook is out internationally on Amazon here

For more info, check out:

Massive congratulations to Reece, and I hope this is just the beginning to a lot of success :)

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