Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Satan With Fruit Pastilles

Lent is over! I can go back to being on a permanent sugar-high!

Last year, we were on a school trip and I offered my friend some sweets. She ate pretty much ALL the red fruit pastilles before suddenly going "OH NO!!! I WAS SUPPOSED TO GIVE UP SWEETS FOR LENT!!!" So I felt bad, but at least I now have a snazzy title for this post.

Anyway - events so far: I've been revising for summer exams/getting addicted to Jewel Hunter on my phone to the point where I've had to uninstall it. I'll be making a "Revision Tips" post soon, and trying to follow my own advice!

And I went up to London! I love the V&A museum, definitely my favourite one in London. Unfortunately, there's never time to look at it properly as it's MASSIVE and there's so many exhibits and artefacts and things to see. Plus my parents got bored (they're not as nerdy as me).

Also went into Harrods - I both love and hate that place. I love the glamour and the wealth you can breath in. But I hate the materialism and the obvious class division between the wealthy clutching Harrods bags, wearing clean cut clothes, and the tourists holding phone-cameras and can only look. 

I consoled myself by thinking the wealthy buyers wore too much make-up  :P 

(look, it mocks your bank account)

I'm writing a short story set in a dystopian world focusing on materialism  so it was good research, and I've got new ideas now. I might post an extract onto here soon, but the problem with posting any work on the internet is that if I ever want to get it published, magazines and publishers hate if it's been on a blog. So I might just link to a forum I'm on. 

Sneakily taking photos of the displays in the confectionery place. Don't know why you're not allowed. Screw authority!!!!!!!!


 Ridiculously expensive chocolate! (£8 for 100g I think)

Pretty sweets...

Fruit, Vegetable and Grocery section. Apples for £6 each    X____X

The ugliest vegetable I've ever seen

 Sorry, THIS is the ugliest vegetable I've ever seen. It's called a  "Beef Tomato"

 Edible gold flakes. I've tried some in the past (*adjusts cuff-links*) and it's tasteless. And pointless.

I can never stay in London for long - for me, it's just too much. Too much light, noise, traffic, people and too much energy. I get tired and drained very quickly there, but I guess a strong energy boost to kick me out of my slow comfy routine is needed now and then.

And, after all, the city is beautiful.

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