Saturday, 20 December 2014

A Writing Update #4

  • So I'm adding 'graphic novel' to my list of projects. My friend said to me one day; "I want to do a graphic novel. Not sure of what, but I want to do one". We agreed to collaborate, came up with a basic idea and jotted down lots of bizarre characters over Yo Sushi. These characters are full of potential stories, and we bounce off each other really well since we're such fab friends, so it should be a very fun project!
  • Fleshing out my idea for the radio play (it finally has some substance! Yay!). Currently discussing it with the Head of Scripted, will keep y'all posted.
  • I have also finally installed Scrivener. It's THE software for writers, and it's magical.


As a result of watching Guardians of the Galaxy, I'm loving 70's music. The 'Awesome Mix' from the film is such a great playlist, and I'm rediscovering The Runaways. Wasn't so keen on them when I listened to them aged 13, but I've been listening to their first album again and it's great.

Rocking the spandex. Credit: realfilmcareer

I'm still obsessed with Lorde, especially after seeing her perform 'Yellow Flicker Beat' live:

She's pretty incredible here, her weird erratic dancing is completely let loose, she commands the stage and it's super cute seeing Taylor Swift enthusiastically cheering her on (they're close friends).

Real Life and Other Nonsense
  • I am back home for a little bit for Christmas, but it's not a holiday because I have so much uni work. Essay, 70 page journal, two exams. So much. Help me. 
  • I have realised I am slightly too content with my uni life. It's very comfortable - lovely accommodation, good degree, fun societies. Please don't take it away from me... I need to sit down, figure out what I want and how to get there. 
Merry stressed-out Christmas everyone!

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