Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Reviewing Old Resolutions

I found a list that I made two years ago, thought it would be fun to review it and see what I've accomplished, what I haven't and what no longer interests me. It wasn't a New Year's resolution list, I think it was just a list of targets for the summer holidays.

What really helps is to make specific targets rather than vague goals so they're more achievable and you can tick them off e.g. instead of 'take up running', I wrote 'got for a run every fortnight' (that habit never stuck).

  • Learn a song on guitar 
I learnt several songs on guitar - just chords and how to strum. I've since forgotten everything I've learnt and the guitar is gathering dust.
  • Learn 3 songs on ukulele 
Daisy the ukulele
This is now the only instrument I play. It's so easy to just pick up and strum as a break.

  • Experiment with watercolours 
Did a lot of that, played around with them and learnt what all the colours look like on paper e.g. sap green and ultramarine blue.
  • Experiment with acrylics 
  • Work on three painting ideas 
This is rather a sore point for me. I really want to get back into drawing and learn to paint but with university, work, my other pursuits and work applications, there is NO. TIME.

Soon. Maybe. One day.

  • Listen to at least five new albums. 
Done, although now I tend to listen to playlists on 8tracks rather than finding albums.
  • Practice flute three times a week 
Oh good grief I haven't touched that instrument in years. I played flute fairly consistently for eight years, taking lessons and joining flute choirs. Unfortunately, I never learnt to love flute music so I have very little motivation to play except for sheer guilt.

  • Adapt [certain book] into a script
I'm no longer very interested in this - the plot is too coincidentally convenient, everything is too lucky and I'm not sure how to make it less so. Maybe I'll return to this one day but for now I've got other projects
  • Enter three writing competitions 
Yup! I haven't entered any in a long while, but I'll try to. But dissertations and job applications. GAHHH-
  • Write five short stories 
Haven't done so - I tend to write them for competitions. However, I recently read Will You Please Be Quiet Please? by Ramond Carver and also got Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman and Stone Mattress by Margaret Atwood for Christmas - all short story collections. They're really inspiring me to get back into writing them, so I'll keep you updated.

  • Write five poems 
I have since written eight, so yay for going over the target but nay because it's eight completed poems in two years...
  • Make an online portfolio 
Well hey guys check out this post!

General Self-improvements

  • Make a cleaning/tidying schedule 
Made one, lost it in the mess.
  • Read ten books that aren't for class 
Yup! You can follow my progress on Goodreads - starting from the new year, I'll be updating that with texts that I'm not reading academically.
  • Read five scripts 
Complete fail. I've read two in the last six months, but not during that summer. I wanted to get into writing scripts and I've been writing them now.
  • Watch five movies/TV episodes 
Yes! I wish there was a Goodreads for films/TV - let me know if you know one.
  • Listen to 10 podcasts 
I am now a podcast addict - I LOVE them. My regulars are Dear Hank and John, Adventures in Roommating and Hello Internet, and I use some educational ones as well. I'll make a full post about this in the future.

Dear Hank and John, Adventures in Roommating and Hello Internet

  • Pass driving test 
I failed that summer BUT I PASSED (eventually).

I'll be making a real New Year's Resolution list - I never keep my New Year's list in a safe spot and always lose them, so I'll post it on the blog. I don't take them super-seriously, it's just a way of seeing what kind of person you want to become and it's interesting to look back on in the future. I do like using them as a checklist of goals in order to keep me focused.

Let me know if you have any resolutions or want to talk about any of the goals listed above!

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