Saturday, 2 January 2016

Commentating on 'Out of the Woods' by Taylor Swift

This came out on New Year's Eve and it's quite a visually impressive music video to be fair. But I'm still going to provide some sarcastic commentary.

All images are screenshots from Vevo

0.00 "She lost him."
     There is more to life than finding/breaking up with romantic partners and I'm really bored of the same romance storylines. It's 2016. You can't keep telling the same story with different characters.

0.08 Trees start sprouting
     What the.
     Is this a Sleeping Beauty reference? You know, with the rose forest growing around the castle as she sleeps?

     It looks beautiful so far - this will either be beautifully shot 'Style' or end up being some strange storyline like 'Bad Blood' (another video I commentated on, check it out).

0.27 Snarling wolf appears
     Oh hello doggy.

0.32 "We were lying on your couch"
     Well, you're definitely not there now.

     More doggies!

     That's a lovely transition from light to dark as she turns her head.

0.50 "Then discovered/The rest of the world was black and white/But we were in screaming colour"
     Those are beautiful lyrics - this is a nice song.

1.00 Wolves chase her
     Bad doggies.

1.15 Taylor trips

Taylor be trippin'

1.22 Wolf makes a lunge
     Fact for you all - wolves will attack by biting the hamstrings of their prey because they know that'll stop you running. Can't say I don't teach you anything.

1.26 Falls down and transitions into winter wonderland before the wolves catch her
     Close escape.
     Ok we're in the snowy mountain tops and Taylor is channelling her inner Elsa.


     Good grief Ms Swift has beautiful eyes.


1.45 Wolves are lurking behind her
     Why isn't she running away from the wolves.
     Why aren't you running this is giving me anxiety.
     God gave you gorgeous long legs please use them to run.

     Amazing cinematography, but seriously the wolves are right behind you.

2.11 Taylor leaps off a cliff into the sea
     Oh she escaped the wolves thank goodness
     She's in the ocean now, guess it's time for the Little Mermaid stop on this Disney ride.

2.16 Lands in the desert
     How is she teleporting so much? She's saving loads of money and carbon emissions instead of flying.

2.23 Change to frozen forest
     After that short desert interlude we're back to Elsa.

2.53 Taylor crawls through mud a lot
      Why is the mud scene getting so much time? Is this an allusion to that Shakira music video 'Whenever, Wherever'?

3.00 Tree limbs sprout and surround her
      Taylor Swift is Groot.

     Seriously we've even got the fireflies.


3.19 Taylor falls down a lot
     So much falling.

3.27 Taylor stands up a lot

3.37 Wolves are behind her, not eating her face.
     Oh, the wolves are friends now.

3.52 Two Taylor Swifts are on a beach. This sounds like the beginning of a joke. 
     Are they going to merge into one? Is the universe going to implode if they touch?

End "She lost him but found herself and somehow that was everything"
     URGH NO THAT'S SO CRINGEY. Genuinely covered my face and crumpled up in my chair. That's a lovely message but that was so clich├ęd - reaching out to touch herself, literally finding herself and then spelling it out in that message.

What does the music video mean?
Reading 1: 
It's about the trails of finding oneself after falling out of love. The woods represent the darkness and being lost, whilst the wolves are your inner demons. No matter where you are, the struggle remains with you. You fall down repeatedly until you learn to stand and you're at peace with your demons, which make you strong (hence the powerful pose with the wolves surrounding her). At the end, you find yourself.

Reading 2:
Taylor Swift is the Doctor, the blue dress is her TARDIS hence the transportation through space and time as she eventually meets her past self. When they touch this will cause the Blinovitch Limitation Effect (basically creatures will come to eat everyone and everything).

Analysis aside, I quite enjoyed that video and it's a pleasant song - will be replaying it for a while. This was fun to write - let me know what you think!

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