Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Steak 'n Sushi, Exeter Review

Is there a better way to end the term than having a nice meal with good friends? I think not.

Steak 'n Sushi is one of Valentina's favourite places (I mentioned her in my Tea on the Green post - we're totally cafe/restaurant buddies now and I no longer have to eat alone). It opened in 2010 and apparently is Exeter's first Japanese restaurant. It claims that all the ingredients are fresh and locally sourced - judging by the food, I have no reason to doubt this.

The food was SO. GOOD. I can see why Valentina loves it, we have to go again.

We visited in early December. The restaurant has a lovely atmosphere, nice decor with a peaceful atmosphere. Our waitress was really nice; she gave us enough time to look at the menu, chatted to us and made sure we were ok. We ordered neither steak nor sushi (I don't eat beef and we just weren't in the mood for sushi).

Valentina ordered her usual; grilled chicken donburi and a seaweed salad. Donburi is a rice dish with teriyaki sauce, vegetables and egg. She also had jasmine tea in a cute pot (I tried the tea since I'm a tea person - pretty good). She let me try some of her dish as well* and it was delicious.

Apologies for the low quality of these photos, I neglected to take my proper camera (again).

Jasmine tea, seaweed salad, donburi

I had grilled salmon and miso soup. The soup was really good, though slightly too salty for my taste.

The grilled salmon was amazing. Tender, full of flavour - beautiful. 'Twas a beautiful fish.

My dish was on the small side and little bit expensive (for student budgets) but I had a lunchtime deal which brought the price down.

Ultimately a really lovely restaurant and I can't wait to have an excuse to visit again!

*My friends and I always share food when we eat out. This is very normal for me and most people from my culture (East Asia) do this, but apparently it's abnormal for some. I always believe sharing is caring!

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