Monday, 5 January 2015

I Am 20.

Few years ago
A friend : I feel growing up like we did, we never had a childhood.
Me: That's ok. We'll just never grow up.

I don't feel the same way now - growing up hasn't been so bad.

There's been a lot of changes.

I don't base my identity on my grades and "intelligence" any more, which is so much healthier.

I was feeling pretty lost and generally not-good last year. Now, I'm more sure of myself and less concerned with what people think.

Charity shops aren't as interesting as they used to be. 

I like tea.

I listen to playlists instead of albums. 

I have learnt to recognise stress (it's that block in the front of my head, inability to concentrate or read slowly, tightness in chest and shallow breathing).

I have become a leader.

I write. I read. I create.

I have done so many things. 

I met Baroness Floella Benjamin, a childhood hero of mine. I asked her a question - she came into the audience and hugged me. She looked straight into my eyes and said, "never be afraid". 

So here's to the next year.

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