Saturday, 31 January 2015

Le Cirque Sombre

Last night was Le Cirque Sombre, RAG's latest charity event. They're the University of Exeter's Raise and Give Society, and hold really good events e.g. Jailbreak, Hitch-hike to Amsterdam and a Prohibition Ball. Unfortunately, this night wasn't sold out which meant the night had a smaller crowd. However, it was still a great night.

I went with my lovely friend Emily. She went for a trapeze artist/sparkly beaded dress and gold eye shadow look. Ever a discreet lady, I went as a mime artist - I did a tutorial on this look here. As I walked up to the venue and hung out at the pub beforehand, there were a few confused looks and smiles. I pretended nothing was wrong.
(Click to enlarge photos)
Sassy mime pose in the lift

A group of dancers kicked off the night and the band, The Rotten Apple Orchestra, was the first act. The nine-piece band seemed nervous at first, but when by the time they launched into their second cover, 'Seven Nation Army', it got the audience moving and they found their confidence for the night. They were really good and the jazz cover of the Game of Thrones opening theme was a personal highlight.

After seeing people come and go with candyfloss and popcorn, I left to search for those sugary delights (I got cola candyfloss - something I didn't know existed). 

When I came back, this pirate guy was on the stage. I believe it was Captain Morgan, a rum company who helped sponsor the night. He danced with us and handed out a load of free stuff (no free rum though, despite some chanting from the crowd) including neckerchiefs, bracelets and red pirate hats - which is why some of these photos are flooded with them. 

After he left, a DJ took over and we invaded the stage for the rest of the night. Pirate hats galore.

I went off to find some water, and ended up taking more photos of the place. It was really nicely decorated, with floating statues, drapes and balloons.

Some people had really fantastic costumes and make up, and were nice enough to let me take their photo. It was a little scary asking strangers if I could photograph them, but they were happy to show off their looks (and had made use of the bar all night).

1) Far superior mime make up
2) I had admired her beaded dress whenever I saw her
3) Few guys braved the face paint
4) Fabulous make up

There was another dance floor for the Beats and Bass Society, but I think people just didn't know about it so it was pretty dead all night, which was a shame.

We wandered out for some air, and found these antics going on. A giant skeleton was walking around, creeping up on people which was funny to watch.

We ended the night by going on the ride outside. It span round fast, dropped us down and up, tilted us - and then did it all again backwards. I may have screamed my face off vocally expressed my discomfort for the entire ride. It was freezing cold and, of course, it started hailing whilst we were on the ride, but it was a lot of fun. The performer dubbed 'Fire Guy' kept sticking his tongue out at me whilst I was on the ride, so obviously I had to take photos of him (he was really nice - hi Fire Guy if you're reading this!). He swung burning coals on two chains, stuck flames in his mouth and it was amazing to watch. I think he was the giant as well? Talented man.

It was my first RAG event, and it was a really lovely, fun filled Friday night. Thanks for organizing this!

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