Thursday, 22 January 2015

Writing Update #6

Posting late because life gets in the way of blogging.

  • My first sketch of the radio play idea was bad. Really bad. With some kind feedback, I've stripped it back down to try and find what about the idea had appealed to me in the first place. It's set in and about a jazz cafe, so it should be simple drama with background sounds of a jazz piano and coffee cup clinking.
  • I feel I'm stronger at writing articles instead of stories and prose now. It's a little scary and unwelcome. I don't know if this is wrong, a result of neglecting to practise writing stories. I don't know if this is just where the road is taking me. 
However, I have a teapot now. Tea is good.

  • Bastion soundtrack has been on. Loud. It's amazing, and the vocals are spectacular. 

Real Life and Other Nonsense
  • Exams are over! Deadlines are gone! I've celebrated by doing lots of uni related work. The fun never ends.
  • Friend from home came to visit - we spent the weekend watching movies and TV, and finally had a break. Watched  Serenity, Firefly, House, Begin Again, and Interstellar, had sushi and pub lunches. 
  • I am attempting the 365 photo challenge, which I'll be gathering and displaying on this blog once a week. 

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