Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Oriana Curls - 'Love Me Hurt Me' Music Video

Oriana Curls is not a woman you easily forget. Dressed in her signature black, white and red, this French jazz, cabaret and pop singer-song writer has a voice that soars to sweet heights and falls to sultry depths.

Curls' previous songs are acoustic, featuring just her voice and a piano, and they really shine with this simplicity. Her new release, 'Love Me Hurt Me', is more complex, more pop - and immensely fun. The music video is full of fabulous costumes and glamour, intertwined with a playful dance choreography.

'Love Me Hurt Me' is a song about walking away from an ill-fated romance. With an introduction that brings to mind a saloon in the Wild West and a bouncy accordion-laced chorus, it's a quirky mix of jazz and pop.

Curls is effortlessly confident. Staring down the camera and raising her eyebrows, unimpressed by her dance partner's tricks, she brings her persona's seductive classiness to the video.

It uses a simple set, with atmospheric lights adding to the theme of late nights full of tempestuous love affairs. However, the video could have benefited from a wider variety of camera angles, as the use sliding shots as Curls lies on the sofa becomes repetitive.

Oriana Curls is a talented musician, has a fantastic stage presence and is a true performer - I have high hopes to see her live one day.

If you want to check out Oriana Curls:
Here's her website
This is her twitter 
And here's her album (you can pay what you can, even nothing)!

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