Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Writing Update #11

I'm getting terrible at these writing updates. As I do them every other week (supposedly), I forget if it's writing update week or not. I'll set reminders on my phone.

Also, I've changed the look of the blog (finally)! I quite like it - much sleeker and tidier than the previous one. What do you think?

  • I've joined The Public Reviews, which involves going to theatre shows for free (yay!) and then turning in a review midday the next day (gah!). The tight turnover is pretty tough, as I get home after the show at 9.30-10pm and have to get it done with no exceptions. But, it's good practice, the team is lovely, I get to write for a good publication and to see a lot of shows, something I wouldn't be able to afford otherwise.  
  • Got a big bundle of ideas, hopefully I'll be able to write some stories and poetry over the summer.
  •  I'm also going to be looking into entering a load of writing competitions, so I'll let you know how that goes!
  • I'm obsessed with The Narrative. They're an American indie duo comprised of Suzie Zeldin and Jesse Gabriel. Everything about their music is immensely beautiful; the lyrics, vocals and mix of synths and acoustic instruments. I really love their acoustic versions of their tracks - you know a song really works when you strip it down to the bare instruments and it's still amazing. This is my favourite - I kept listening to this song on repeat for a fortnight:

You can listen to more of their music here and they have a cute little online store here. I think I'll start saving up the logo hoodie and album.

Real Life and Other Nonsense
  • I went to London to see Les Misérables with my friend Julia! It was an incredible performance in the gorgeous Queen's Theatre. All we knew of the plot was Eponine is friendzoned, someone sings 'I Dreamed a Dream' and there's some flag waving as the French Revolution happens, so we were really immersed in the story. It was a breathtaking show (yes, I cried). We came to see Carrie Hope Fletcher, who plays Eponine, but unfortunately she was ill and was replaced by a really talented girl, whose name I CANNOT find (anyone? She was in the Weds 10 June matinee show). We ended up falling in love with Peter Lockyer (Jean Valjean) and Celinde Schoenmaker (Fantine) who have really powerful and gorgeous voices.
Queen's Theatre, London
  • Moving out of uni halls (again), which was very emotional (again). Your room becomes such a huge part of your life - it's a place of your own where you can build your own life, it's your home. Then, you have to hollow it out. Every sound echoes in the emptiness, and you realise it's just a room, and it's not yours. 
I'm off to unpack now, so see you guys later. Have a lovely day. 

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