Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sunday Wishlist (28 June 2015)

It's Sunday - the day of rest, and the day of sitting on the internet in your pyjamas. I've trying to justify to myself that if I buy these lovely products, I can review them. However, the cold hard truth of my bank account tells me otherwise.

I've decided to work hard because I like nice things.

Lottie London Brushes
I was wandering about Superdrug and fell in love with these immediately. The colours are so pretty, they're vegan friendly and they're ADORABLE. I really want the Best of Brushes collection as they'll cover all the essentials - foundation, powder and eye makeup. They're fairly affordable at £19.99 from Superdrug - these products are aimed at an age range of teens to mid-20's (including fellow students). I've only read good reviews of this product, and I had a go with the testers in the shop - firm yet super soft bristles. I have a family wedding to go to and I've gotta look good, so I'm super tempted to get these. They're a new brand, so I look forward to their stuff!


Lancome Hypnôse Mascara
This is my favourite mascara of all time. If I could marry this, get me a veil. My big sister gave me a little sample of this and I love it (it's running out now, which makes me sad). It gives a wonderful coat without clumps, has an amazing brush that separates each lash and it's so smooth. Unfortunately, it's pretty expensive for a student budget, costing £22.50. If you can afford it, it's a worthwhile investment.


Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette - Girls on Film
This looks like a really good palette. I'm loving the colour combinations - makes me think of sultry, old Hollywood glamour, with smoky eyelids and big fur wraps. It's got eighteen different shades (twelve shimmers and six matte) so there's plenty of room for creativity. It's very affordable at £6, and this is a limited edition palette, so get it whilst you can!


Pixel Pocket T-shirt (Dan and Phil Shop)
Ok, so I'm a little older than their predominately teenage fan base, but I've loved these two vloggers for several years now. It's simple enough to wear without attracting looks from non-fans, but distinctive enough for fellow fans to recognise. This is such a gorgeously adorable t-shirt and I would wear this all the time. It's more than I would normally pay for a t-shirt at £18.98 (and that's not including post and packaging - standard is £5 on top), but look how cute Phil is.


Happy Sunday everyone! What are you guys after? Let's wallow in our lack of money misery together.

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