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Taylor Swift ft Kendrick Lamar - 'Bad Blood' Music Video

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The music video for Taylor Swift's latest single is out and it's pretty epic; explosions, weapon-slinging, Tron bikes, fight scenes and leather-clad women destroying things.

There are a LOT of female celebrities in this video: Cara Delevigne, Selena Gomez, Lena Durham, Jessica Alba, Hayley Williams...the list goes on. On one hand, it feels like Swift is trying to show off about how many famous friends she has and the video is just self-indulgent. On the other hand, Taylor Swift is extremely famous and very nice - of course she would have a lot of successful friends. And I like this super-group of powerful, talented women portrayed as awesome-super-strong-ninja-fighters working and training together. Additionally, it's pretty refreshing to see women fighting because there is a legitimate grudge (Selena, you back-stabber, you), rather than the overdone 'she stole my man I need revenge' plot. 

I wish Lorde was there though - they're good friends. What would her name have been?

Original image credit: onsecrethunt.
The visuals are fantastic, of course, with the futuristic settings and effects. And all the women look amazing, although I'm still waiting for female superheroes who wear sensible flats and full bodysuits, and don't fix their makeup after a fight. It's all very impressive to run around in 40 inch heels and wear leather straps, but if you're on a mission, you don't want to put yourself at any disadvantage like wearing ankle-twisting heels or exposing skin to weapons. And why don't they ever tie their hair up? Think Edna Mode's "no capes" rule.

I know it's hot - you did blow up everything - but all I'm seeing is vulnerability to swords. Kingsman got bulletproof suits.
Ankles. Think of your ankles. At least a wide wedge would be more practical.

Also, have you ever worn a leather jacket on a sunny day? The sweat...*shudder*.

Plus, if you've killed the entire mafia or whatever, your lipstick could look like a clown who drank undiluted Ribena with no hands. I'm in no position to complain. 

Overall, it's fun, a little silly and I quite like the song. What are your thoughts? Do you love or hate this music video?

Here's the full cameo cast (this took me SO LONG):

Kendrick Lamar. I like how, for once, a rapper featured in a song about revenge isn't going on about his ex.

Lena Dunham. Staring straight into the camera head on with confidence levels through the roof - love it.

Hailee Steinfeld. She doesn't do more than touch Taylor's arm and look concerned.

Gigi Hadid. LOVE the code name
Ellie Goulding. I'm not a fan of the "female locker room" fantasy - it's pretty overdone and rubbish. And who keeps a bazooka in the same room as their shower gel? 

Martha Hunt

Cara Delevingne. Can we take a second to appreciate how good her code name is??
Hayley Williams

Lily Aldrige

Karlie Kloss

Jessica Alba

Mariska Hargitay & Ellen Pompeo

Cindy Crawford
Pretty impressive cast, to say the least. Although, it would have been nice if they were more than just cameos.

Released 17 May 2015
Directed by Joseph Khan
Produced by Taylor Swift
(All images from Vevo)

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