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Exeposé Music, Interview - 'An Interview with David Craft'

Originally published on Exeposé Online, 27 Nov 2014. Click the image to read the full article.

Could you tell us about yourself and your music? How did you get into it and what influences your work?
I’m a songwriter from the hills of Perth, Western Australia. I think growing up in a small town shielded me a bit from the commercialism and capitalism of the modern world which taught me a lot about appreciating timeless music and art. I spent most of my youth listening to old folk and blues records, which I think still shines through the songs I write today.

How do you feel about winning the Best Folk Act award from WAM?

I’ve spent most of my life admiring folk music and the history of folk in general so it feels pretty nice to be considered a “folk singer”. Folk music to me is songs about people and sharing ideas. I try to execute those exact qualities in my songwriting. Sometime I fail and sometimes it works.

Smokey Lungs and Dirty Puns

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