Sunday, 30 August 2015

Writing Update #13

Contain your excitement - this writing update is actually going out on time.

I've written SO MUCH! Here's a run down:
  • Finished a poem, currently reworking an old one and working on a new one. I've signed up to compete in my university's poetry slam (my first ever one) so I'm both excited and terrified. I'll try and record my performance(s) to share. 
  • Screen scripts; I've been working on a series and I just need to finish off all the drafts. If all goes well, it'll be made but that won't be for several months. Also, I have an idea for a satire on student politics, but that depends on if I can work with a team of writers - felt this wasn't a one person job. 
  • Radio scripts: I'm revamping the old jazz cafe idea (again). I've stripped it down (again) as I think I've finally found a way for it to work. More on that another time. 
Lots of writing makes me happy. Although, now there's a little voice saying my drive will soon run out and I'll be lying on the floor making carpet angels of uninspired misery. Thanks dude. 

Toussaint Morrison is one of my favourite musicians. He's an American hip-hop artist (yes, this tiny Asian girl in England loves hip-hop) and is unbelievably talented. He and his producer Dr Wylie weave together samples, beats and lyrics, and you just fall into the immersive world of his music. It's defiant as it reclaims the right to live loudly and unapologetically. 

I've loved his music for the last two years - no matter what, it always recharges and inspires me. I've bought them all, but my favourite album is Fast Times at Trillmont High for the world-building as he gives the new teacher a tour of the school, the fun, madness and general magic. There's also a really interesting backstory.
All his music is on Bandcamp and it's free to download a digital copy, but if you can afford to pay something then please do - we arty people have to support each other. There are also physical copies if you wish to buy them.

Real Life and Other Nonsense
  • I'm on YouTube! I've been on this site for years and have finally joined it as a creator. I love the booktube community and felt that was my thing, rather than vlogging so here's my first video. I attempt to build a book tower:

  • My latest show review; Extravaganza by Le Navet Bete. I gave it 4.5 stars - it's fantastically funny and I would love to see it again. Have to say - I love this side-job as a reviewer. Unpaid, but I get to see five star shows and be the person who gives the stars.
  • I do little sketches and leave them on trains/public spaces for strangers - here's a collage of everything so far. 

  • September is beginning and so will the academic year. It'll probably be my last ever year of classrooms and lectures, which is scary but I think I'm ready to graduate into real life. 

How are you guys? If you have any music, thoughts or just fancy a chat then the comments are always open! Have a lovely week. 

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