Saturday, 8 August 2015

First Impressions: BB Seaweed, Fresh Face Mask from Lush

I'm in love, I'm obsessed.

The very nice lady in Lush recommended this one to me after I described my skin type (sensitive, dry and I'm currently having a little outbreak across my face).

Key ingredients in this little pot of magic:

  • Seaweed - strengthens and revitalises.
  • Honey - an antiseptic, which is super important as keeping your skin clean and healthy will prevent infection and help the spots go away.
  • Aloe vera - soothing. Basically in every soothing/sensitive skin product ever. 
  • Rose - moisturises and it smells gawjus. 

The mask has a really lovely light scent; the rose is subtle and not overpowering like most rose products. It's quite thick, but spreadable and has a pleasant sensation on the skin. It's a little rough as it contains ground almonds, however it's just enough to very gently exfoliate away dead skin.

I left it on for 10 minutes whilst I learnt some French and chilled in my lazy lion socks (rock 'n roll evening, I know).

Be careful with applying it and try to avoid the hairline other it's going to get into your hair.
The mask hardens as it dries so, to reduce mess, I washed it off in the shower and my skin is SO SOFT. It left my skin feeling clean, fresh and quite hydrated (you'll still need a moisturiser though).

It's on the pricey side - I bought it £6.50 for a 75g pot and it should be used within 4 weeks. However, I have managed to get a real job now (I'm an office worker/have been photocopying so many things I've named the machine Boris. It's a love-hate relationship) so I figured I should get something nice for myself without killing the environment.

Like all Lush products, it doesn't use animal products or animal testing, it's handmade from fresh ingredients and has a strong ethical buying focus. Also, the pot is made from 100% recycled plastic and if you bring back 5 empty pots, you get a free mask. Tempting...

If you have a favourite face mask, let me know and I'll try not to spend all my new wages on them!

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